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Water as a natural resource and its steadily decreasing availability coupled with rising consumption has been a focal point for discussion at many a forum. Significantly, the construction industry has moved steadily towards high rise structures and thus induced pressured systems. Considering both these factors, it becomes imperative that fittings and fixtures employed in residential and commercial complexes need to be appropriate.

Plumb Fixtures with its array of valves is an attempt to provide consultants and engineers a choice of technology intensive and quality products in the category of VALVES from globally renowned WATTS Water Technologies and a nationally reputed LEHRY Instrumentation & Valves.

Plumb Fixtures also presents quality and technologically intensive products for the BATHROOM and KITCHEN from HEINRICH SCHULTE, Germany, SCHLOSSER, Germany and ARCA CONCEPT, Italy for whom Pansophical are the EXCLUSIVE AGENTS for Sales and Marketing in INDIA.


Over 140 years, Watts has led the world in plumbing products almost “setting the standards in valve technology”. With operations in Europe, Asia and North America, Watts has been instrumental in the promotion of key products like Pressure Reducing Valves, Backflow prevention devices and temperature and pressure relief valves. Aimed at facilitating water conveyance and flow control for residential and commercial installations, Watts range of products include Automatic Control Valves, Pipeline strainers, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves and the like. Watts has a complete range of products for water quality and conditioning including the Antiscaling systems and water softeners, Fire Protection System equipment like the Automatic Control Valves, UL/FM ball valves and fire service strainers, etc. Water Conditioning Systems like One Flow Anti Scaling systems, and HVAC system requirements like Air Vent Valves, Balancing Valves, etc. Watts, since its founding in 1874 continues to be a name for reliability and innovation.

Heinrich Schulte

Possibly the only manufacturer in Germany with completely integrated facilities for manufacture of high quality bath and kitchen fittings, Heinrich Schulte is a quality manufacturer since 1921 at Iserlohn, Germany. Innovation is the key to success of this extremely enterprising group and this manifests itself in the products with respect to ease of assembly, functionality and safety of drinking water. Heinrichschulte provides a reasonable choice to architects in terms of design and versatility and has a very impressive kitchen line as well.

DIN-DVGW certified, Schlosser products are compliant with the latest German Drinking Water Regulations limiting Nickel leaching in drinking water supply. Heinrich Schulte is marketed EXCLUSIVELY in India by Pansophical.


Established in 1954 for the manufacture of building valves and fittings for the residential and commercial construction sector, Schlosser today is the second largest manufacturer of angle valves in Germany. With state of the art manufacturing facilities at Olpe, Germany, the product portfolio includes combination angle valves, globe valves and stop cocks, built-in valves, draw off taps and heating fittings.

DIN-DVGW certified, Schlosser products are compliant with the latest German Drinking Water Regulations limiting Ni leaching in drinking water supply. Pansophical is the EXCLUSIVE distributor of Schlosser in India.

ARCA Concept

Arca Concept is a specialized manufacturer of “shutoff” or Health faucets as is commonly termed in India. With an extensive selection of products in ABS, Polypropylene and Brass, and combined with the finest engineering, Arca Concept presents a wide selection of products capable of withstanding high pressure and yet providing a soft and smooth jet.

Arca Concept products are marketed EXCLUSIVELY in India by Pansophical.


With more than 60 years cumulative experience, Lehry Instrumentation and Valves is a reputed manufacturer of valves for various domestic and industrial applications. With a diversified product portfolio including Ball Valves, Gate, & Globe Valves, Dual plate Check, Swing Check & Wafer Check Valves, Butterfly valves, Needle Valves, Foot Valves, Strainers, Diaphragm Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Quick Closing, Float and Air valves, in various Materials of Construction like Cast Iron, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, and CF3M & CN7M , Lehry serves the Plumbing, Firefighting and HVAC segments besides Chemical, Petro Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Engineering, infrastructure Industries.

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